The organizers of the Balti half marathon are the sports club Sporter and the bulletin board is the largest announcements website in Moldova. On an average of 230,000 users visit the site every day for buy or sell the goods or services that they need.


Sporter promotes the amateur and professional sports in Moldova by organizing sports events. The sports club Sporter held a huge number of mass events in Moldova, such as Chisinau International Marathon, Ghidighici Sea Mile, Chisinau Criterium, Cricova Wine Run, Moldova Freediving, Maratonul de Craciun, HellRun and Rubicon.


The website is aimed to cover the latest sports news in Moldovan and in the World, promoting sports events in Moldova, publishing news and announcements.


In addition to the above listed, under the frame of the Sporter operates:


The Sporter Club – a place where you will be taught how to run, swim and ride a bicycle. To make the training as effective as possible, you will be trained by the professional coaches, who are winners of major competitions, both local and international.


The Sporter Travel – Sporter Travel is the only option in Moldova that provides sports tours to the amateur sportsmen. Advantageous prices, friendly staff and like-minded people are always close to you.


Hey runner, wait a minute!

It does not matter, you’re running 1,5 km or 21 kilometers, Balti Half-Marathon will take place just for you!

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